Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amy's 5 star Review of Delve by Jacob Chance

He was my brother’s best friend. 
He was seven years older than me. 
He was a pig when it came to casual sex; indulging in one night stands like they were going out of style.
So why did I want to tear his clothes off every time we got within five feet of each other? 

She was only eighteen years old when we met for the first time. 
She was a good girl who avoided bad boys like me, but that didn’t stop me from picturing all the things I wanted to do to her--to do with her. She was too young though and my best friend’s baby sister. I couldn’t let things go where I wanted. I couldn’t corrupt her--taint her with my darkness. I knew it could never happen. It would never happen…
But it did.

This book is a standalone with crossover characters from QUAKE and QUIVER (QUAKE Book 2)

5 stars 

Ok so … Tracy posted on the blog who was your favorite male author – and I couldn’t answer that. Why? Because I couldn’t remember a male author I had read. So what did I do .. I scrolled through her blog/page until I found a post for a MAN .. and holy moly good lordt … I found one! 

I don’t know who Jacob Chance is but I wanna know. Actually I sort of do because after this I stalked his pages. HAHAHAHA! He should be my best friend .. for real. Martial artist – football fan – joker and junk food lover – (I love twizzlers dipped in protein powder -- ) … and author of smexy books … yup – did we just become best friends!?!?!?! --- Ladies .. Meet Derrick ... 

Derrick is a bad boy. Tattoos .. muscles … walking “brown chicken brown cow” on a stick. He is also one of those men that you want to write in the middle of the heart that you send him “I love you asshole.” … that is if you get more than one night from him and certainly no woman in her right mind is going to say no. Put charm on top with a cherry on it and you have Derrick – Kenna’s brother’s best friend. 

Kenna wears her sassy pants well and is independent, driven and absolutely stunning. Kyle would kill her if she acted on her thoughts every time Derrick walked in the room. She hates him but she wants him. Little does she know that Derrick wants to wrap her all around him even though Kyle has told him he will rip him into pieces if he touches her. Kenna in her brothers mind is too good for any man. 

Holy smokes --- this is so so good ladies. You want to read a man who can write and write exceptional characters secondary and lead – all consuming story lines – eyebrows  raising moments then this is YOUR GUY --- The best thing it’s a standalone .. no cliffy’s per say but things that will keep you reading the “series” for lack of a better word. 

The next next best thing – I learned (by stalking) that there are books prior to Derrick to pick up. Yes! I intend on running over and grabbing up Quake and then also Quiver. The characters are intertwined. Next up … Lana and Zack --- 

GET THIS BOOK! So my favorite man author --- Jacob Chance – mark it down. 

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