Saturday, November 19, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Protecting Her Six (Men of Elite Securities #1) by Trinity Rose

After years of struggling, doors slamming in her face and endless tears Timberlee McNamara bursts on the to Country music scene as one of the hottest rising stars. To celebrate her success, a party is held in her honor, but turns into a night that changes her life.

Brutalized, laying in a hospital bed with no clear recollection of what happened that night, her sister Tamara offers a slice of hope. 

A loner by choice with no family, only the family of brothers he has that were forged out of blood and fire in Afghanistan. 
Now stateside, this brotherhood of Men of Elite Securities are doing jobs that are slightly above the law. 
Hired to protect Timber when the local law can no longer help, he keeps her safe at his cabin. 
Both have their scars to bare, both have reasons to not fall in love, but one thing he will always do is
Protect Her Six.

4 stars

This is the first of a series in the Men of Elite Securities. I'm not sure how many additions we are going to get but there are several secondary characters that obviously have stories so I would guess at least four or more. It will be good to keep up with the characters throughout the reads. 

PHS starts out with a disturbing incident centered around Timberlee McNamara. Success has just hit she and her sister's doorstep all to come crashing down the same night. I can tell you if you have triggers from rape or violent attacks please do not click this one up. Waking up in the hospital, Timber is not sure what happened but she remembers as she feels her body and the wounds that lie on her. More than an attack the most sacred part of her was taken. Destroyed, her sister goes to a group of men recommended to her by a friend. If anyone can find the man who is out there still looking to have what he wants it’s the Elite Security men. 

Elliot knows he must protect Timber as he sees her for the first time in her hospital room. She is bruised and battered. Fisting his hands at his sides he knows she will never suffer again. Killing the man who did this to her is his goal. She sees herself as damaged and dirty. He sees her as a beautiful woman who didn’t ask for the hands that broke her. 

This read was very easy as far as how the plot was laid out. I was kind of eh concerning how quickly Timber overcame her desires but who am I to judge. I always feel like if it ever happened to me I would never want the touch of a man again but who knows and thank God I have never been there. Elliot was strong willed but he did show emotions as well. Of course his team warned him of getting involved as Timber was a job but he wasn’t about to listen. 

The other men running through this book have a lot to offer so I'm looking forward to more. Nic, Dex, Hawk, Caleb, Hunter and Tamara (Timber’s sister) all seemed to be great characters that we can look forward to hearing about. OH there is also something brewing between Leah and Caleb. Make sure you take note! 

This is a quick and easy read with an HEA. Thank you for the ARC Trinity! I look forward to more. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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