Friday, November 11, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Colt (Demons of Destruction MC Book 1) by Jacqueline M. Sinclair

Colt Johnson

Looking at me today, you’d never know me as the man I used to be. This time last year, I was steps away from the NFL, but a phone call from my mother changed everything. “You make them pay. Every last one of them.”

My dad had been murdered, left to die in a filthy, roadside bathroom. I was consumed with a hate so strong that I gave up everything to join his brothers. Now I'm a fully patched Demon, and it's time for war.

Maci Newman

I didn't know where else to go. The Demons of Destruction MC needed information, and I needed protection. 

Meeting Colt was a twist I hadn’t expected. The pictures in the paper didn't do him justice, and when we met, there was an attraction I couldn’t explain. I know he feels it too, but the very thing that brought us together could be what tears us apart.

Once he gets his revenge, he'll never be the same. Once he learns I'm the reason his father died, neither will we.

5 stars

So where did this author come from and why haven't I had more from her! This was an excellent read. Not the normal MC – well sort of but not. 

Colt Johnson received the nightmare of a phone call that no one ever wants to receive. Leaving his career of the potential of the NFL he heads home. His mother needs him and his anger drives him. Murdered to the point of not being recognized he will find the person responsible for his father's death and he will make them pay. Even if it's an army of men he will put each and every one in the ground. He never wanted the life of the Demons’ but now that his father is gone it's all he has his eyes set on because once he is patched in they can find the men that killed the man who was everything to him. 

Maci Newman barely escaped her fate that night. She wasn't supposed to be in the store that night but she had to stop. She eventually quit looking over her shoulder until today. He asked for her station at the diner. He is coming for her again and she needs protection. The Demons of Destruction might be her only hope. Maybe with the information she has she can trade her safety for what she knows. 

Colt and Maci are thrown into a situation that they both are leery of. However she was told to go and listen to the man standing in front of her and to not tell him anything. Scared and alone she has no choice but to do as she is told. Revenge may come with a price for both. Being thrown together may be the bigger price. 

I loved this book. This was a completely different MC read and I loved every minute .. did I already say that? It was the twist of situations that made it stand out from the other MC reads. Colt’s character is written in a fantastic manner. The man is protection and loyal yet guarded. He is snarky yet humble. Maci was a tough cookie when she needed to be and surviving the way she did .. plus how smart is she to look up the information she had to have to survive. BRILLIANT writing! 

Give me some more and yes there is more .. there is a cliffy of sorts involving one of the secondary characters Tucker. The worst part .. its says not until Spring of 2017! WHAT!!!! Just no .. NO NO NO.... that is how hooked I am on this series and how much I love these characters. 

Colt’s mother Anna was the mom we all want. Although we only get a small glimpse of her I loved her and there is something on the horizon involving happiness headed her way. Hank .. loved him. Tex .. loved him. Vanessa .. dug her ... she is cool. Kelly and Jess .. want to punch them. Oh and Storm .. loved him! 

That about wraps this one up! Go grab it. Thank you Thank you for the ARC! You are killing me waiting for Tucker’s story but I will wait ..not happily.... HAHA! 

Colt’s cover .. yes that is good .. real good. 

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