Sunday, November 13, 2016

Amy's 4 star Review of An Outlaw for Christmas: Back Down Devil MC Bad Boy Romance by London Casey

All I want for the woman I can't have. 

* Full length STAND ALONE novel! * You do not have to read Back Down Devil MC books in any order! * Part of the best selling trilogy! * BAD BOY MC romance with a HEA! *

I've finally patched in to Back Down Devil MC and I'm ready to drink, fight and f*ck. Then they give me my first assignment: I'm going to be a goddamn babysitter?! Tia, a woman half the city is hunting, needs protection. Okay, fine. Except she turns out to be a smart-mouthed, curvy beauty who sets my soul on fire. And Prez makes it clear: if I so much as touch her, I'm out of the club.

The tension is unbearable: every time I look at this woman, I'm imagining throwing her down on the bed. Then it gets worse: when her enemies close in, Tia and I are sent off to a remote cabin in the woods. Neither of us can resist. Her body is mine. And I know this is about more than just making her moan my name. I'm crazy for this woman.

They can take my cut, my ride, even my life...but I'm not giving her up.

London Casey 
is the pen name for bestselling romance author Karolyn James
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4 stars

The Back Down Devil MC men are at it again .. doing good when the bad comes calling. Diesel or “D” has waited forever to patch into the MC and finally his day has come. The brotherhood is all he has ever wanted and exactly everything he needs. After his initiation he wants one thing …. Beer and a few ladies and the one sitting at the bar wide eyed will do just fine. After he heads up for a shower she is his. Everyone wants a piece of D and his eyes are set on his target for the night

Tia has been brought to the Back Down Devil Clubhouse by her father for protection. Someone has intentionally burned down her apartment and won't stop until they get what they want from her. Whatever her father did it had to be bad. However her lips are sealed as directed by her father. 
Low and behold upon finishing his shower D finds the beauty at the bar sitting on his bed. In only a towel around his neck D is primed and ready to go. The boys must have sent her up for his “doing.” Little does he know he actually is getting ready to babysit the woman as his first assignment as a Back Down Devil. 

Loving the season and missing her mom and now stuck with this gorgeous man maybe Christmas wont be so bad. Things start to heat up as the two are sent further into hiding in the woods. D has been instructed not to touch the woman .. but when emotions run high and in the spirit of giving he may just have to defy his Prez and the boys on his first assignment. They can take his cut … they can make him pay but leaving this woman alone is not an option. He will protect her with his life because he is keeping her. 

I love the BDD MC and this story was a great addition to the series. There is nothing like an awesome big hearted protective man all year round but especially under the mistletoe. I soaked this one up in one sitting by the fire! The cover is really beautiful in my opinion. The grays, red and rest of the colors are a great mix and add just the touch needed to for the holiday feel. I LOVE the bike in shadow at the bottom. Fantastic job. 

Click it up friends. You wont be sorry! Its free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. I found this one off the blog. Go and take a peek. You won't be sorry! 

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