Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of The Final Ride - Hellions Motorcycle Club (Hellions Ride Book 9) by Chelsea Camaron

Final Ride

Everything I have never had is right in front of me. Family, it’s mine for the taking. For the first time in my life, I found stability in the Hellions MC. From the ground up, I’ve been loyal to my brothers.

Now the time has come when I may have to choose between the family I’ve never known or the club I’ve built and given my all to.

Richard ‘Frisco’ Billings is the California kid who rode into Haywood’s Landing when the Hellions were needing an extra man. As an original, he’s been with the club from day one. After growing up with no real place to call home, he’s found solid ground.
All of it crashed around him when secrets were revealed and he found out he missed all the formative years with his daughter being raised in an enemy’s club.

Amy Mitchell was lost her whole life until she was found by the Hellions MC in a bad situation with Felix Delatorre. She spent years with the club, rebuilding her life and finding a place where she could belong. 

When a new young woman comes into the home she has with Frisco, will she still fit into his world? Will Frisco find a way to make everything work together? Will this be his final ride with the Hellions as life takes him down a different road?

Catch up with all your favorite couples as every secret finds its way out of the dark and new things are revealed, changing the club forever. This is the final ride for the Hellions MC as we know it.

***This book is a work of fiction and not an exact depiction of life in a motorcycle club. This story is a friends to lovers romance that will revisit characters from the previous books in the series, however, it can be read as a stand alone story. This is a full length novel with a paperback page count over 300 pages. The series is best read in order but each individual story does close out completely leaving no cliffhanger endings. Due to mature content, adult language, and violence it is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.***

Series reading order
One Ride
Forever Ride
Merciless Ride
Eternal Ride
Innocent Ride
Simple Ride
Heated Ride
Ride With Me (Hellions MC and Ravage MC Duel)
Originals Ride
Final Ride

4. 5 stars

Gah the final ride. Say it isn’t so and mercy if it isn’t full of everything that we expect and more from Chelsea and the men of Hellions Ride. Secrets are never good friends .. just keep that in mind. 
There are 8 books to read in this series prior to picking this one up. You don’t necessarily have to but I would recommend it. I love the back story and the full story on all the characters I am meeting and this is why I say go grab them up first. 

Amy and Frisco .. finally. Frisco has a past that he didn’t know was part of him. Finding this out and trying to put things into perspective will potentially bring him to his knees. How much can you give up for the people in your lives. That’s a question that Frisco needs to figure out. And what about Amy….. things are looking better for her but is she really where she wants to be. 
Amy grows in such strides in this story. Her background is something of heartbreak that I was wishing I could take some of her hurt away. 

The story begins with a mountain of an issue. Shannon has a past and living the MC life is rough. Things don’t start out as everyone had hoped. Lots of things to work through .. can everyone pull together with devastation, secrets and pasts that are not full of sunshine and rainbows. 

This is a great read. Thank you for the ARC and I cant believe its over. This series is worth your time. Click them all up or if you stopped at book whatever pick it back up and finish it out. This is your Final Ride of course! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets!

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