Friday, November 11, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of trans.fer.ence by Ava Harrison

The nightmares find me.
They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.
I’m scared.
I want it to stop.
He’s supposed to help me.
Instead, he evokes something forbidden.
I know I should run.
But I can’t.
I’ve made my choice.
I want him.
There's only one problem...
He's my therapist.

3.5 stars

After suffering a traumatic loss Eve is sinking. She needs help. Nightmares plague her, panic attacks are her life. She doesn't know who she is anymore and she is falling fast into waters she won't survive. She can't seem to pull herself to even float on the water much less try to survive her past. 
Dr. Preston Montgomery should have never given the girl his card. Eve is a reminder of his secrets. He failed to save the person he should have. He can't seem to not offer the girl a chance. But what is the cost.

Lines become extremely blurred in this release. I wanted this to be more than it was. I tried to find some ground with Eve but I felt she was frustrating which in turn led me to just not fully put myself into reading depth into the characters. There needed to be more written towards the development of Preston’s character in my opinion. His issues were touched on lightly and again Eve was somewhat frustrating. 

Eve grows in her plight throughout the story and I wanted the same for him. This is obviously a no no romance between the doctor and the patient and maybe for me I wanted it more NO Noish .... it was more subtle than wham bam boom.

I do really like the cover. I love me some black and white photos and the model is a perfect fit for the lead character. Nice job! 

There could have been more all the way around but it wasn't a bad read by any means. Click it up and see what you think! Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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