Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Out of Love by RC Boldt

**Out of Love is a full-length, standalone novel that does NOT need to be read in conjunction with any other book.**

Foster Kavanaugh, former Navy SEAL, knows what it’s like to be the top dog, the man in charge, the one calling the shots. Now that he’s running his own security consulting firm, not much has changed.

Except the curvy blonde he hired as his office manager.

Noelle Davis has been through the damn ringer. Swearing off men after escaping a toxic relationship, she’s grateful for a fresh start—new job included. Except her job isn’t tranquil and calm. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because her boss is the most infuriating man on the planet.

And, not to mention, sexy as hell.

Foster has limits. Rules. No attachments allowed because he doesn’t do love—and Noelle Davis foiled that plan and took a red pen to his list of rules. With her smart mouth and quick witted banter, he found the woman beginning to creep past his defenses.

When circumstances put Noelle in a perilous position, the first person to come to her rescue is none other than Foster Kavanaugh. She gets to see the man in action—not as her aggravating boss, but the man who will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

The same man who makes her want to reconsider her self-imposed embargo of men.

The man she wants to get to know now that she’s seen another side of him.

The man who makes her want…more.

But is more possible when you're OUT OF LOVE?

5 stars

OK! Where has RC been all my life? Here is my list of why I need to know this:

1. The main female lead moved from Destin – (that’s where I live)
2. Reference to Tim Tebow … yes
3. A Belgian Malinois service dog and the mention of an organization in southeastern FL that provides these beauties to Veterans … absolutely.
4. Respect for the military and the life changing events that mold their paths … darn right. 

I could go on forever as to why I absolutely loved this book but if I did you would have probably a five page review. And why else am I gushing .. this is my first read by RC. Of course I have already downloaded the series that Out of Love is connected to intertwining characters so GO ME!
Foster Kavanaugh and Noelle Davis … 

Foster is the owner of TriShield Protection in Fernandina Beach. Noelle is his assistant who is off limits. Now I know what you are thinking .. boss and secretary forbidden fling .. blah blah blah .. NOPE. This is a fantastic written storyline that has much more depth then that. This is a group of former military men taking their brotherhood into civilian life along with the images in the sand that still run through their head on constant repeat continuing to give back to their country. 

Miller Vaughn, Roman Doc Watts, Langley Lee Ford, Kane Windam – I instantly fell head over heels hard for these men and the lone woman – My heart also plummeted around the storyline of Hendy. Im telling you 6 percent into the story you will be completely submerged into this book. The secondary characters are just as good as Foster and Noelle – Ty Dennison, Laney and Zach, Mac and Raine, Momma K … Harley – I feel like I don’t have enough words or the correct words to write a review that gives you just a glimmer of this remarkable group.

There are a multitude of storylines written into Out of Love. Most important and the center of this book is the darkness of PTSD and abuse. Foster is fighting dreams and images at night while Noelle is hiding from a man who dulled her sparkle. The banter between the friends is comical, kind, and shows the love each of these men and the women have for each other. The brilliance in RC’s writing comes from shining a light onto two issues taken too lightly in our society. Its light hearted but pointed. It carries depth and weight but opens your heart. It shows the vulnerability in both situations and how it destroys the strength in a once tough individual. 

If I could I would read this one over and over and then again and another time until the pages were tattered and torn. I'M MORE THAN A FAN. Not only is the book marvelous but RC includes links, phone numbers and resources to get help or get yourself or someone you know out of an abusive relationship as well as those with PTSD – you are not alone – reach out – if you know someone with PTSD extend your hand. Do not allow our men and women who fought for us to lose themselves. If you have ever known anyone who fights these demons you will understand .. I certainly do. In fact as I write this I'm wearing my “22 A Day” hoodie. 

I know I didn’t say much about the events in the story but you all that know me know that I usually don’t. I look at the characters, the writing, the way the story flows – and let me tell you this one is flawless. This is a MUST READ. I'm off to begin Wildest Dream (Teach Me Book 1) .. 

By the way we also get a taste of Clam Jam coming in 2017. It's on my list … I'm waiting. PLUS .. yes I stalked her page .. Out of the Ashes is next plus 3 additional “Out of” books … bring them on! 

Thank you RC for the ARC and the introduction to you --- I am honored. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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